We carefully cater and plan every step of the way.

How We Plan Your Project

Here’s how HJI plans the entire project process from scratch. Whether it’s WordPress development, eCommerce development, or SEO, we have a clear process in place for you to easily follow every step of the way.

How does everything work?

As one of the leading full-service WordPress agencies in the world, we establish unique workflows based on our client’s needs.

01. Discovery Meeting

We will start with coordinating a Zoom call to discuss, analyze, and get an understanding of your company’s needs. Our team of developers and project managers will collaborate with our business and marketing analysts at the same time building a full detailed outline for you.

02. Market & Business Research

Using our established process of analyzing your business, we put together the right service propositions that will fit your company. This detailed business plan and strategy allows for a clear path in our creative and development processes.

03. Build Project Scope & Roadmap

After we build your business strategy, our team of developers will start to work on your project scope and roadmap. This roadmap will define custom roles, any mockups, times, and all essential components to showcase your Minimum Viable Product.

04. Establish Milestones

Once we’ve got your project scope and roadmap made and executed, we establish milestones with set timelines to make sure projects stay on track. This will also give you peace of mind on when you can expect the HJI team to deliver and communicate project reports and updates, for example.
05. Share Ideas & Build Concept
The UI concept comes next in our process. Here, based on your logo and existing company brand suite, we put together a UI concept for you. We put together a functioning design concept of the homepage, plus some additional pages.

06. Create A Custom WordPress Theme

After you have approved the concept and design, our team of developers and designers will start the rollout of a custom-made theme for your website. The design will also incorporate the right marketing strategies, as discussed within strategy and consulting.

07. Build/Add WordPress Plugins

When we are creating your WordPress design and theme, our team of developers will build and add the required plugins that are necessary for your business. This allows us to build a fully-integrated ecosystem on your website. In the long run, this saves you time and money.

08. Start Setup & Migration(s)
Depending on how much data you want to preserve from your existing site, we will create processes and systems to move over the data to your new setup. We will also work to build out an installment please for the coming launch of your company website.
09. Setup Hosting Environments

Your website needs the best performance and security available. This starts at the server level. Based on your needs, we will fine-tune a proper infrastructure set up for ongoing scalability to keep you fully prepared. We have a detailed process in place for this and are partners with Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Compute (GCP).

10. Add Analytics/Marketing Tools

Marketing and data analytics are then integrated into your website. This is necessary with your ongoing maintenance to ensure you reach your targets, traffic goals, and user base growth. We want to make sure that your business is growing every step of the way.

11. Launch Project

Once your project is ready to launch, we will initiate the launch plan and coordinate a campaign strategy for going live. Deployment of your project will be as seamless as possible to make sure everything is launched without any issues.

12. Ongoing Development & Support

The launch of your website is just the beginning. Ongoing maintenance and development of your WordPress website is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment with updates, data analytics, and customer feedback. This allows us to ensure your website is the success you envisioned.

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