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We are a WordPress development studio specializing in Custom WordPress Development.

01. WordPress Experience

HJI Technologies WordPress development team is able to produce very unique WordPress designs and websites that create interest and intrigue for their intended target market. But we don’t stop there.

We are a full-service WordPress development company that is involved with you every step of the way. We can take your ideas and make them a reality, through custom WordPress design all the way to custom plugin development.

custom wordpress development
custom wordpress development

02. Focused And Determined

HJI team of web engineers and programmers are well-disciplined with current widely accepted platform coding knowledge to deliver sturdy and dependable websites. We work hard to ensure we are always up-to-date with trends so that we can deliver the latest WordPress development product to you.

When you are with HJI Technologies, we’re with you “every step of the way” and we mean it.

03. An organized, flexible team
We don’t have you sit behind one person and only connect with one particular person. You’ll be dealing directly with the designers and developers assigned to your project. Yes, we’re project management nerds too! We believe in approaching the design and development aspect of WordPress development with plenty of flexibility. We know constraints can cause delays, but we also adhere to process, respect deadlines, and above all else, we make sure to prioritize consistent and transparent communication.
hji custom web development

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HJI Technologies LLC is a collaborative web and software development studio. We are in the heart of NYC and Texas, and have teams spread across the United States.