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Save Time and Operational Costs

Reduce your development cost and leverage onshore outsourcing.

Onshore development

Save Time & Operational Costs

We are proud to be an onshore company first. That said, we also do offshore development work to make sure we deliver a wide range of projects. Hire custom WordPress website development experts from HJI Technologies today! HJI WordPress developers can build powerful and appealing websites for your e-commerce, blogging, or general business needs.

Businesses have come a long way to dramatically change their operations and look for cost savings at every corner. That’s where HJI Technologies comes in. We work with many different companies across industries to complete projects at virtually any budget. Many companies that rely solely on in-house skills have come to benefit heavily from onshore and offshore teams. We make sure to fit almost any budget.

According to Statistica, 78 percent of business owners are confident in their onshoring and offshoring partners. Approximately $80 billion was spent in 2020-2021 on projects to offshore teams as well as onshore teams with a presence in many different countries.

You save time and money while also acquiring the necessary skill set to complete your project more quickly and efficiently.

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Cost and Time Saving

How does working with an onshore company save time and money?


Due to our hybrid business model, we make it possible to afford onshore development services. You don’t need to worry about putting together a team. Our team is ready to help.


Because of the way we handle our onshore and offshore teams in different countries right from the United States, you don’t pay for anything extra. We handle any and all associated costs outside of the scope of your project.


All team members that you work for HJI are highly trained professionals. This gives you access to a wider pool of talent, bringing creativity and new perspective across the board for you.


Part of our process is to help ensure you are maximizing your dollar. As such, through strategy, we work with you to figure out any possible tax breaks, grants, or other incentives provided by the government or other entities. This ends up saving you more money long-term.

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