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01. Proactive Website Security and Maintenance

In the last decade, website owners have continued to experience the risk of unauthorized access to their websites. This results in database leaks, hacks, takedowns, spam-advertised leeching, takedown, and even complete website deletions. There we several factors that contribute to this, such as poor code integrity, outdated backend systems and plugins, old website versions, and poor server-side security. All of these combine to set your website and business up for failure online.

Our team of security experts is consistently keeping your website up-to-date with industry-leading website security services. We have processes and protocols in place to be proactive with your website’s upkeep and monitoring.

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02. What HJI Technologies Offers

At HJI Technologies, we have witnesed a large number of websites being attacked, taken down, and taken over in the last several years, we decided it was best for our clients to offer proactive WordPress maintenance packages. This allows us to help prevent website downtime due to unauthorized access as well as downtime from other types of attacks.

Our proactive website security services aims to tighten your website’s security within the server-side as well as the client-side, continuous back-end, plugin, and other code updates. We set up a full DevOps setup for your website and business, including setting up staging and live environments, as well as a development environment, should it be needed. We make sure to backup your website on an hourly basis, so just in case you make a mistake and your website breaks, we have many restore points to choose from for your convenience.

03. Let’s arrange a call

We take your website security very seriously and want to help our as many businesses and websites that we can. If your own in-house team of developers is able to take care of such attacks themselves, that’s great, you’re in good hands. But if you don’t have such a team, it’s time to speak with an HJI team member. We have brought websites back from the brink, helped mitigate terabytes of attacks as well as restored completely broken websites within hours. We take your WordPress website security and website security seriously.

Arrange a free consultation with our website security expert here.

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