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We’re a web and WordPress development company that connects brands and businesses of all sizes with their audience. Our questionnaire below helps us get to know you better, but you can reach out directly to our founder at [email protected]

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We prioritize people over pixels, delivery over profits.

Are we concerned about how you develop? Absolutely.

We believe there is a need to have a process that is both painless and delivers precisely what you want.

A product is not made from a single piece of material. It is viewed from a perspective of seeing, thinking, serving. We aim to engage and attract the right people and help you create an online business and website that can scale to serve your clients. HJI is proud to have been a leading web development agency and WordPress development company.


Transformation over simple transactions.

Our unique vision of business success is how we see it. It’s not about just doing transactions. We want to help you transform your online business and website. HJI is one reason why we are one of Texas’s best web development agencies.

We will help you create an online platform using WordPress. We will help you create the best possible business environment and improve your voice through your site. We are the go-to WordPress development company and web development agency.


We are invested in your brand and relationships.

We don’t just want to keep the clock ticking. We are passionate about what our team does, and you will see the benefits of your investment as soon as day one.

We don’t charge an hourly rate to manage your business. We promise you that we will do our best to see the potential of your business and brand throughout our relationship. HJI wants to show you why we are one of the most respected Texas Web Development Agencies and WordPress development agencies. Let’s do this!

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HJI Technologies LLC is a collaborative web and software development studio. We are in the heart of NYC and Texas, and have teams spread across the United States.