Read Through Our Principles & Why We Are One Of the best Texas Web Development Agencies

Our Principles.

We Develop For The Human Experience.


We prioritize people over pixels, delivery over profits.

Do we care about how we develop for you? Absolutely. 

We see a need for the best possible development process that is not only painless but delivers exactly what you’re looking for.

You don’t get a product that is just slapped together as a finished product. We look at it in a way of seeing, thinking, and serving. We want to attract and engage the right people, and help you build an online website and business that is ready to scale and serve your clients. This is why HJI has worked hard to be one of the best and leading Texas Web Development Agencies.


Transformation over simple transactions.

We see business success in a unique way. We don’t see it as a simple way of doing mindless transactions, rather, we want to transform your website and online business, not just transact. This is one of the reasons why HJI is one of the best Texas Web Development Agencies.

We are committed to helping you build an online platform through WordPress. We want to ensure the best possible scenarios for your business and help improve your voice through your website.


We invest in your brand and relationships.

We aren’t interested in just punching the clock. Our team is incredibly passionate about what we do that you start to see the value of your investment from day 1.

You don’t charge by the hour to run your business, we don’t simply charge by the hour either. We make a promise to you that we will invest the best of our efforts in the lifespan of our relationship and see the potential in your brand and business. We want to prove to you why HJI is one of the best Texas Web Development Agencies.

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HJI Technologies LLC is a collaborative web and software development studio. We are in the heart of NYC and Texas, and have teams spread across the United States.