WordPress is powerful. See why you should migrate to WordPress.

Migrate to WordPress

We can help you in the WordPress migration process, making it easy and stress-free!

Why Migrate to WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System all over the world. It is used by start-ups and industry giants alike. Between its cost saving self-hosting, wide array of customization options, and intuitive interface, WordPress is a great choice for anyone in need of a website. We can help you in the WordPress migration process, making it easy and stress-free!

Benefits of Migrating to WordPress

01. Powerful CMS

WordPress powers 35% of websites, taking up 62% of the CMS market. By using WordPress, you will be in good company.

02. WooCommerce – Start Selling Online

Over 1.5 million stores run on WooCommerce, giving you the same tools as industry leaders.

03. Great for SEO

WordPress’s simple URL structures make it search engine friendly, increasing your SEO.

04. Extremely Customizable

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available, many of which are free.

05. Ease of Use

WordPress is the most user-friendly CMS. It is easy and simple to use even for those who are not tech-savvy.

06. It’s Free

WordPress is free and open-source, saving you valuable time and money.

07. Longevity and Scalability

With WordPress, your options are endless. Their plugins and functionality make your website highly scalable, giving you room to grow and expand.

08. Access to Developers

WordPress has a large developer community thanks to its popularity.

09. Mobile-friendly

Most WordPress themes are mobile-friendly, ensuring your site is accessible to all.

10. Active WordPress Community

There are tons of active WordPress experts in the community, so troubleshooting is never a headache.

Our Approach for a CMS Migration to WordPress

Our tried and true procedure for WordPress migration will ensure a fast and smooth transition.

01. Consultation

We will help you through the migration process, beginning with a comprehensive consultation. By discussing the problems with your current website and requirements for your new WordPress website, we can understand exactly what you need and want from the migration.

02. Planning

Once we understand your needs and desires, we will make a personalized plan for the migration that takes into account your website, its content, its features, and your required timeframe.

03. Initiation

After the plan is perfected, we will quickly start the migration process according to the agreed terms and conditions. Starting with backing up your website and its data, we will follow our plan according to schedule to ensure your site is ready when you need it.

04. Delivery

Delivering on our promises and meeting your expectations is the most important part of any migration project. We do thorough testing of your new website to ensure that everything is perfect and functional before handing it over, that way you get exactly what you want.

05. Support

Unlike many other companies, we continue to support you after project delivery. We want your website to succeed. We will continue to ensure your website runs smoothly by conducting systematic performance analyses, checking for problems and bugs, and fixing any issues that arise. Our robust support allows you to spend your time running your business, not worrying about your site.

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