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Why WordPress?

Find out why WordPress, our platform of choice, is trusted by many of the biggest brands in the world. Digital agencies know a thing or two about WordPress website development and WordPress outsourcing, but they don’t need to code all sites themselves to thrive. We help to understand why WordPress is our choice of CMS and instead shift to help you focus on web design and digital marketing services.

Spoiler alert…


WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system.


WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS for WordPress outsourcing.


WordPress dominates a lot of markets, such as ecommerce. No, it's not just for blogging.

To show you why WordPress is the best choice to work with and why we choose WordPress, we’ve collected some mind-boggling statistics about WordPress and its market share.

Solutions With WordPress Are Boundless.

Per W3Techs, WordPress powers 40% of all the websites on the internet right now. Let that sink in for a minute. To put it another way, WordPress powers over one-third of the web!

In terms of market share for content management systems on websites, WordPress currently holds 64% of the overall CMS market share and WordPress outsourcing for digital agencies.

How does WordPress’ market share look long-term?

Yes, WordPress market share will grow and continues to. It has been consistently growing for as long as we have been recording data. How quickly has it been growing? Let’s check out the numbers.

2011 – 13.1%

2012 – 15.8%

2013 – 17.4%

2014 – 21.0%

2015 – 23.3%

2016 – 25.6%

2017 – 27.3%

2018 – 32.0%

2019 – 40%

How does WooCommere’s market share compare to Shopify?

WooCommerce overall is a market leader, Shopify is competitive, and is a leader in some areas. Here is how WooCommerce market share compares to WooCommerce:

Entire Internet
WooCommerce: 14%
Shopify: 21%

Top Million Sites
WooCommerce: 14%
Shopify: 21%

Top 100k Sites
WooCommerce: 14%
Shopify: 21%

Top 10k Sites
WooCommerce: 14%
Shopify: 21%

Taking a further look at this data, Shopify is actually the leader in Top 100k and Top 10k. However, it’s worth mentioning that only 58,501 websites in that Top 100k are running known e-commerce platforms, so technically the sample size isn’t very large. But when you come down to the actual number of sites in the Top 10k sites running each platform, it comes out to 459 sites using Shopify and 113 sites using WooCommerce. 

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