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We specialize in building high-quality, custom, and performing websites that help our clients get leads. We help our clients gain a competitive advantage in the digital world. We get our NYC web development clients the results they want and need.

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Web Development NYC Services

We are HJI Technologies, an experienced web development NYC company and custom website development studio located in the NYC area. We build and transform business through strategy, custom web development, and planned execution.

As a web development company in NYC, we know and understand the importance of having a beautiful, fully functional website. Your website must keep up with the latest trends, be aesthetically pleasing and provide all the information your audience needs to convince them to convert into paying customers. We’re experts at helping you achieve this.

We are trusted by professionals like you. Our team has helped small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed across many industries. We are passionate about accelerating businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses, towards their goals, because we have gone through it.

HJI Technologies offers web development services that help you be more visible to your target audience. We create attention-grabbing, growth-focused custom websites to build steady long-term growth for your business. We make the process incredibly easy. You can read more about how we plan your project.

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Drive more conversions and generate massive growth with a custom-developed website to match your vision. You deserve it.

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NYC + HJI Technologies

HJI Technologies is a web development agency in New York City. We offer a full range of web design and development services to help businesses establish a powerful digital presence.

Why New York City?

New York City, or the “Big Apple,” remains the most populous city in the United States, with more than 8.3 million residents. It still holds the record of the most visited city in the United States.

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NYC Attractions

Some of the city’s notable attractions include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Time Square, Grand Central Terminal, and Madison Square Garden.

New York City + HJI

So, why do we operate in New York City? For over 7 years, HJI Technologies has designed and built high-performing websites for clients across different industries. Our NYC web design clients have not only a strong record of having beautiful websites but also excellent lead conversions.

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Are You Ready to Grow Your Business With NYC Web Development Services?

BEST NYC WebSITE Development


At HJI, we work with you hand-in-hand to discover the needs for your business and website through website consulting services.

Web Development

Our NYC web development team is experienced, innovative, and will make your website stand out in the digital space.


Trying to connect WordPress websites and applications can be a daunting task. Our NYC web development team can easily help.

Web Hosting

We’ve worked hard to evolve cloud hosting infrastructures and engineered them for our NYC clients. Our NYC web development company is ready.


Our web development company in NYC builds stunning WordPress websites that resonate with your brand. We design and develop to your brand’s identity.


Our NYC web development experts can create a custom website to enhance your store’s look and performance. We design to bring in more sales and revenue.


Boost your brand’s visibility by optimizing your website with HJI’s search engine optimization (SEO) services. Our NYC web development team can help with your SEO.


Our NYC web development experts are proficient in using WordPress to power your website’s security. We make sure your website is always protected from security risks.

Web Design

By building mobile-responsive websites, our NYCx web development experts build functional and beautiful websites regardless of device type. You deserve the best, we give you the best.

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Your website is your sales tool.

Choose HJI Technologies for your NYC Website Development Needs!

We are HJI, an experienced digital design, and development studio located across NY and Texas. We build and transform business through strategy, development, and execution. We are trusted by professionals like you. We love learning about what you do and immersing ourselves to fully understand your business. Our deep experience combined with passion and creativity delivers incredible solutions.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you must be hungry and quick, strategic, and focused. But you also want to be open-minded, massive, in the present and future. Great design and development are born from the careful balancing act. Our founder and team have achieved this balancing act and we are on a mission to help every business owner we can.

Big projects don’t require a large team. HJI Technologies and their white label WordPress development experience bring together the senior experience without the excess. So you get the deep knowledge that comes with experience but aren’t paying an arm and leg for what you need.

We believe in working with our clients as Product Partners and creators, supporting them throughout their entire journey from concept to launch. Whether you’re a startup, nonprofit, or a for-profit business, we help you define your online business needs, work through designs, develop that design into an interactive web experience, and then launch it successfully.

Our process stands out through our early focus on value and close partnerships with our clients. We work with each client closely to identify and create their online presence, generate value early to retain users, and build a solid infrastructure for scalability.

We Are A Your Local NYC Website Development Company.

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Manhattan Web Development

It’s different working with us.

Our Founder, Hamza Khalid, started HJI Technologies on the belief that digital design, development, more specifically, NYC web development was becoming too saturated with companies that only cared about how much they earned, and wanted to create a place where businesses could focus on being more memorable and impactful for their audience. It’s why he has continued to emphasize impactful development through meaningful processes and brilliant minds. HJI Technologies is the go-to NY web development company.


We prioritize people over pixels, delivery over profits.

Do we care about how we develop for you? Absolutely. 

We see a need for the best possible development process that is not only painless but delivers exactly what you’re looking for.

You don’t get a product that is just slapped together as a finished product. We look at it in a way of seeing, thinking, and serving. We want to attract and engage the right people, and help you build an online website and business that is ready to scale and serve your clients. This is why HJI has worked hard to be one of the best and leading Texas Web Development Agencies.


Transformation over simple transactions.

We see business success in a unique way. We don’t see it as a simple way of doing mindless transactions, rather, we want to transform your website and online business, not just transact. This is one of the reasons why HJI is one of the best Texas Web Development Agencies.

We are committed to helping you build an online platform through WordPress. We want to ensure the best possible scenarios for your business and help improve your voice through your website.


We invest in your brand and relationships.

We aren’t interested in just punching the clock. Our team is incredibly passionate about what we do that you start to see the value of your investment from day 1.

You don’t charge by the hour to run your business, we don’t simply charge by the hour either. We make a promise to you that we will invest the best of our efforts in the lifespan of our relationship and see the potential in your brand and business. We want to prove to you why HJI is one of the best NYC Website Development Agencies.

We Bring You Cost and Time Savings

How does working with a NYC company save you time and money?


Due to our hybrid business model, we make it possible to afford Texas website development services. You don’t need to worry about putting together a team. Our team is ready to help.


Because of the way we handle our onshore and offshore teams in different countries right from the United States, you don’t pay for anything extra. We handle any and all associated costs outside of the scope of your project.


All team members that you work for HJI are highly trained professionals, many located in West Texas and Texas in general. This gives you access to a wider pool of talent, bringing creativity and new perspective across the board for you.


Part of our process is to help ensure you are maximizing your dollar. As such, through strategy, we work with you to figure out any possible tax breaks, grants, or other incentives provided by the government or other entities. This ends up saving you more money long-term.

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