Web Directories That Will Benefit Your SEO

For the most part, people consider web directories to be nothing more than a collection of websites listing other websites. However, the truth is that there is much more to them.

Apr 14, 2022

Hamza Khalid

Web Directories That Will Benefit Your SEO And Your Business

There was a time before search engines when web directories listed sites like the yellow pages. They’ve been around through the history of the internet. Today, web directories are typically considered a bad idea by search engine optimization (SEO) experts.

However, legitimate directories can help you acquire backlinks and referred web traffic. The trick is to determine which ones are still regarded as reliable sources. This article will cover what a web directory is and some examples that can contribute to your company’s SEO efforts. When you understand more about your options, you can make an informed decision about which ones are best for your business.

Web Directories That Will Benefit Your SEO

What Is a Web Directory?

For the most part, people consider directories to be nothing more than a collection of websites listing other websites. However, the truth is that there is much more to them.

A web directory refers to a website that gathers and categorizes links to other websites. General subjects appear at the top, whereas more specific ones appear further down. Using directories, you can find info on practically any topic.

Two kinds of web directories exist:

  • Human-edited: Each site has been carefully checked by a human before being included
  • Automated: Automatically adds web pages depending on their perceived content using computer algorithms

Businesses can use web directories to improve their SEO in several ways. For instance, sites that appear in high-quality directories have a better chance of rising in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, search engines like Google and Bing index certain directories. As a result, submitting a website to the right directory can boost its visibility.

Web Directories That Are Beneficial For Any Site

Here are a few web directories that can help your SEO efforts.

Best of the Web (BOTW)

Over 16 million businesses rely on BOTW’s web directory, which has been around since 1994. There is an average of between 60,000 and 70,000 visitors to BOTW each month. Navigating it is simple, thanks to its clear organization and user-friendly design.

With BOTW, you don’t have to pay to get started. You can set up a company profile and get customer reviews. A premium plan is necessary to pick additional categories and include extra features such as a Trust Badge, which costs at least $24.95 per month. Alternatively, you can pay $297 for a lifetime listing that incorporates a link to your site.

Google Business Profile

If you’re an SEO expert, you’re well aware of the numerous advantages that come with having your business listed on Google. For local search rankings, maintaining a Google Business Profile is becoming increasingly important. It can help with local search engine rankings.

Aside from informing customers about your location and contact details, they can also access reviews and business hours. Google Business Profile optimization is the most effective technique to ensure that your company is seen among online users looking for your products or services.

Facebook Business

Although Facebook is usually considered a social media platform, Facebook Business pages can actually be indexed by Google Search. By setting up a Facebook Business page, online users can view your business hours, contact details, address, customer reviews, and more. Additionally, your customers will be able to reach you more easily through your Facebook Business page.

This web directory gives you a new avenue to communicate with your audience and encourage engagement as the social media platform’s monthly users near its 3 billion mark. As a result, it’s a great way to reach a wider audience and increase website traffic. More than half of Facebook users check out a local business’s Facebook page once every week.


Yelp continues to be the most popular site for small businesses in the area, drawing in millions of users each month. Your business must be listed on Yelp and be receiving favorable ratings to be found by prospective customers. Web traffic and search engine rankings can both benefit from a high Yelp ranking.

There are numerous business categories on Yelp, and people can add their own User-Generated Content (UGC) like reviews and images. Maps are often included in Yelp listings, allowing customers to easily locate your store.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Consumers can use the BBB to locate and recommend trustworthy companies and brands. Countless people use it before doing business transactions because it is one of the most reliable resources available online.

Google uses user sentiment, particularly negative ones, from the BBB when determining the ranking of web pages. To be listed in this directory, one must first seek accreditation and be accepted. Your business will be seen as more credible once you’ve been listed.

The Bottomline

Although web directories are often overlooked, they can help with boosting your SEO. To get the best results, you need to choose the right directories. In this article, we’ve discussed some web directories that can benefit your SEO efforts. Before deciding which directories to submit your site to, consider your company’s budget and requirements.

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