Google Cloud Networking for WordPress Users

Google Cloud Networking is a network infrastructure created and supported by Google. If you’re one of the many WordPress users today, you might be interested in knowing the features you can get with GCP networking.

Mar 28, 2022

Hamza Khalid

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the fastest and most reliable cloud infrastructure providers today. It’s used by many huge companies like PayPal, HSBC, and Twitter for their hosting needs.

However, this doesn’t mean that only large entities can benefit from Google Cloud Networking – small companies and websites can also use it.

If you’re one of the many WordPress users today, you might be interested in knowing the features you can get with GCP networking.

Google Cloud Networking for WordPress Users

What is Google Cloud Networking?

Google Cloud Networking is a network infrastructure created and supported by Google. It offers users 3 primary types of networks, namely:

  • Datacenter network
  • Software-based private network WAN
  • Software-defined public WAN

Google Cloud Networking is separated into different regions and has its own respective zones. In case of failure in one area, only those within the region are affected while those from others stay operational.

Google’s network infrastructure has approximately 27 regions as well as 82 zones in more than 200 countries. This is also the same network that the search giant uses so it can keep its search, Maps, and Gmail features running.

Google Cloud Networking for WordPress Users

Popular Google Cloud Networking Products for WordPress Users

As you can see, GCP for WordPress offers numerous features that users can leverage nowadays. Many of them are designed to improve the user experience of their websites in a lot of ways.

The following are the main products WordPress users can use on Google Cloud Networking:

Google Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN)

One of the most important products that WordPress users can find in Google Cloud Networking is its content delivery network or CDN. A CDN is basically a site or application that allows users to store copies of their data over the internet. With a CDN in place, you can quickly provide your site’s content to people without having to wait for a long time.

You can expect faster web page load speeds with the right CDN. What makes Google Cloud CDN great is that it’s branched out in more than 130 locations around the world. This means that there are more places where you can quickly connect to minimize latency and offloading issues.

Another advantage that Google Cloud CDN has is that it can easily connect with the HTTPS Load Balancer from the same platform. Such integration further speeds up site connectivity due to its ability to provide static assets immediately rather than going through several network hops.

Additionally, HTTPS Load Balancer automatically encrypts traffic that comes to both ways while going through a secure fiber-optic network. This ensures that connections here are safe from potential exploitation and abuse.

Google Cloud Domain Name System (DNS)

With Google Cloud DNS, WordPress users can find a solution that’s easy to configure and scale to meet their needs. It offers a straightforward interface designed for managing and publishing DNS-relevant data.

WordPress website owners who have used Google Cloud DNS were able to leverage it for handling their DNS zones, DNS peering requirements, and forwarding features. Additionally, this DNS service from Google ensures that users get maximum uptime, better speeds, and minimal latencies.

Google Cloud Load Balancing

If you want to make sure that the content delivery of your WordPress website stays on point, then you might want to consider the Cloud Load Balancing feature of Google Networking. This allows you to place resources behind any IP address while letting users leverage smart autoscaling capabilities to match various needs.

With the GCP Compute Engine, users can begin scaling their applications right away. Cloud Load Balancing also lets you distribute resources in several regions (if needed) so you can maximize availability for your website.

Many DNS load balancing products today are unable to adapt to the changes that occur to their networks, especially concerning users and traffic. With Google Cloud Load Balancing, you can expect the system to respond to any recent changes dynamically.

Google Cloud Armor

Finally, we have Google Cloud Armor, another product in its networking suite designed to provide for the needs of GCP hosting and WordPress users. This feature lets you add extra protection for your website in case of malicious attempts by hackers to exploit security gaps.

It’s beneficial when used together with Google Cloud Load Balancing. Many hackers would target this feature to carry out Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to cause problems to WordPress users.

Furthermore, Google Cloud Armor leverages artificial intelligence in its operations. It has a mechanism that uses machine learning technology to provide users with adaptive protection. This added security allows it to identify and stop advanced DDoS attacks before they can cause problems.

Google Cloud Networking for WordPress Users

Reasons to Use Google Cloud Platform for WordPress Websites

Google Cloud Networking for WordPress users offers many advantages that simply can’t be found elsewhere. It not only provides an array of products and features but connections around the world also support its backend systems.

Here are the main reasons why WordPress users should use GCP today:

  • Excellent security: Both physical and digital security are prioritized with Google Cloud Platform. Besides data encryption, it uses machine learning mechanisms to detect and thwart potential attacks.
  • Self-healing hardware: In case something goes wrong, GCP can instantly activate its self-healing capabilities, so it fixes itself without further intervention on your end.
  • Amazing scalability: Google Cloud Platform will scale according to the traffic needs of your website. As such, its infrastructure doesn’t get overwhelmed in case of surges.


Google Networking for WordPress users offers numerous benefits that improve the frontend and backend experiences overall. The artificial intelligence technology, self-healing capabilities, and scalability of the platform are just some of the few advantages it has to offer over others.

If you’re looking to get support for your WordPress website and ensure reliability, then you might want to check out Google Cloud Networking. GCP runs on the same infrastructure that the search engine giant Google uses, so you can only expect excellent features with them.

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