Top Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

This guide will break down the basics of managed WordPress hosting and why you should use it for your website.

Jan 6, 2022

Hamza Khalid

With the digital nature of modern business, having a great website is a necessity. But running a website can be difficult and time-consuming. When you factor in time for content creation, advertising, marketing, and more, it is easy to get overwhelmed. This is where managed WordPress hosting comes into play.

While many businesses overlook the importance of web hosting and opt for cheap shared hosting, a managed WordPress hosting service can save you time and make your website one to remember. This guide will break down the basics of managed WordPress hosting and why you should use it for your website. Put simply, hosting is the process of renting or buying space for a website on the internet. Though it may seem unimportant, good hosting is absolutely essential for success.

A poor web host may result in slow load times, low stability, limited customization and features, a lack of security, and lacking customer service. These issues can make your website unattractive to potential visitors and drive them away. This can all be avoided however with a proper hosting service. It is possible to do DIY hosting, but that requires a lot of skill and time most people do not have. Managed hosting however avoids the downfalls of poor hosting service while saving you time.

The biggest benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that you get a great hosting service without the hassle of doing it yourself. It may seem simple, but time is your most valuable resource. A good host will provide you with everything you need to successfully run a website. Everything from reliable tech support and better performance becomes stress-free with managed hosting. And as everyone knows, time is money. All the time saved on hosting issues can be spent focusing on content, marketing, advertising, and more. The time-saving benefit of managed hosting is undeniable.

Top Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting Another benefit of managed hosting is strong security and data protection. Malware, hacking DDOS attacks, and other cybercrimes are more common now than ever. A hack or malware attack can result in stolen data, upset customers, and a total loss of data. Though a perfectly secure website is near impossible, a good hosting service can ensure these incidents rarely if ever happen. If they do, a good host will provide you with the support necessary to get the site up and running.

On top of that, managed hosts make automatic backups of your site’s data, meaning rebuilding is much easier if something goes wrong. These features can save you tons of time, stress, and money, making them an important part of modern business. An easily overlooked benefit of managed hosting is performance.

Something as simple as loading speed can be incredibly important to your success. Fast load times keep your audience’s attention, make a good first impression, and prevent inpatient visitors from leaving the site early. This translates into better viewership, more time on the site, and ultimately more business.

Website stability is also very important. If visitors are greeted by a website that is down or buggy, chances are they will leave. This is the digital equivalent of customers walking out the front door. Managed hosting avoids this by ensuring that your site does not go down, even if there is a sudden surge of viewers.

Lastly, managed hosting makes working on your site much easier. Features like one-click staging environments can save you tons of time. Without it, testing new changes means constantly checking the site on and offline. But managed hosting eliminates this and makes site updates simple. You also typically get access to developer-based tools like WP-CLI not included with other hosting options. These tools allow you to better customize, design, build, and modify your site.

With the ever-changing nature of the world, being able to quickly change and improve your site is essential for business success. These tools are available for those who take the DIY route, but again, that means less time spent on other aspects of the business. The time-saving and performance benefits of a managed hosting service can be a lifesaver for many business owners.

With the advantages of managed WordPress hosting apparent, now comes choosing a host. There are a wide variety of options available such as AWS WordPress hosting, Google Cloud WordPress hosting, and other cloud WordPress hosting services. However, HJI is one of the best options available and a leading authority in the market. With an extensive range of included features such as AWS and Google Cloud integration, 24/7 support, strong security, and more, it is one of the most powerful hosting services on the market. Plus, their long list of free features will save you tons of money in the long run. When choosing a managed WordPress hosting service, be sure to consider HJI.

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