7 Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media marketing is still one of the best methods to grow one’s reach. Check out the best content creation tools below to improve your marketing efforts.

Mar 2, 2022

Hamza Khalid

Here Are The Best Content Creation Tools For Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is still one of the best methods to grow one’s reach. According to Statista, its main benefits include improving exposure, increasing traffic, and generating leads for brands.

Producing great and engaging content for social media takes a lot of time and effort. Beyond this, each social media platform has its own requirements and respective audiences which require careful considering. That is why using the best content creation tools is a must.

For instance, someone might consider publishing an informative guide for LinkedIn, a compelling video for Facebook, and an interesting infographic for Pinterest.

But how can you find time to make these three pieces of content and publish them on your social media profiles? This is where social media marketing tools come in. Such apps are designed to help people produce amazing social media content while saving time.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, check out the best social media marketing tools below to improve your marketing efforts.

Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media Marketing Efforts


Many people may not be aware that SEMrush actually offers a toolkit dedicated to people who want to improve their social media marketing efforts. Its suite of social media management tools allows users to do everything they need to enhance their social profiles all in one place.

The Social Media Tracker tool provided by SEMrush, for instance, lets marketers obtain an overview of how their social media channels have been performing recently. It lets them keep track of their accounts on various platforms while managing them from a single interface.

Meanwhile, its analytics data lets you monitor your engagement rates, follower growth, number of posts, and more. These metrics are important in creating relevant content for your audience. It’s even possible to keep track of your competitors and see how they craft their social media content.


BuzzSumo has a feature called Content Analyzer that lets users scan the web for content that includes their desired keyword. Besides the search results that can provide useful information, the tool also lets you know the amount of engagement related to each result.

In social media marketing, knowing what type of content in your niche can generate high social engagement is quite important. Such knowledge can help marketers plan and create similar or better content that their audience will want to consume.

Besides the search feature, BuzzSumo’s tool also lets you develop your own outreach campaigns so you can start promoting your published content.


Hootsuite is another popular social media marketing tool that provides users with features they’ll need to improve their campaigns. It can assist brands in scheduling their social posts, keeping track of trends, and engaging with their audience via an array of available social connections.

It has multiple integrations with third-party apps that make it easy to apply to existing social media marketing strategies. Also, Hootsuite provides dashboards that can include side-by-side feeds of all statistics that can help improve the social efforts of brands.

Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media Marketing Efforts

Revive Old Post

This WordPress plugin is a social media marketing tool that is designed to drive traffic from social media channels to both new and old content from brands. What makes this plugin great is that it can be set to comb through many of your long-forgotten posts and automatically publish them on your behalf using your social media platforms.

Such a tool can be particularly beneficial to marketers who don’t have the time to go back and find all of their old posts that have been buried underneath a large amount of content. With the Revive Old Post tool, you can even rediscover your old hashtags and consider applying them to your new social media marketing strategies.


The social media marketing tool known as Sniply lets users incorporate personalized messages to any page they publish content on. This means users will be able to add call-to-actions (CTAs) to every shared piece of content, including links that direct to reputable websites.

When a user clicks on a Sniply-generated link, they will see the original content that has the CTA shown within. This approach provides companies with a better way to convert their social following into paying customers.

An advantage that Sniply has over its competitors is how easy it is to customize. For instance, users can customize their call-to-actions using an array of elegant themes while changing the colors of their snips to match their brands. It’s also possible to create custom short links and domains with Sniply.

Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media Marketing Efforts 2


Grammarly is perhaps one of the best tools social media marketers can have nowadays. This is because it provides them with advanced writing assistance that allows for in-depth grammar and plagiarism checks. These features alone allow social media content creators to produce content that has improved readability and doesn’t violate copyright law.

Besides grammar and plagiarism, Grammarly also offers customization options such as a personal dictionary and a brand style guide.

Plus, Grammarly directly supplies users with a selection of word suggestions as well as rewrites. These recommendations can be based on specific audiences to provide the appropriate tone that is most relevant to your targets.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms today, which is why it’s only reasonable to invest in this platform for your marketing efforts.

With Facebook Analytics, users can obtain comprehensive insights into how their posts have been performing on the platform. Aspects such as the actions taken on a page, the total number of page views it has generated, and post engagement are revealed by the tool.

Such metrics can let social media marketers learn more about their audience and craft content that will engage them better in the future.

Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media Marketing Efforts 3


Social media marketing is still a powerful approach that marketers should continue to invest in today. Its primary benefits include increasing brand exposure, traffic, and lead generation.

The social media marketing tools provided above are designed to help marketers create compelling and engaging content on their social channels. Some of the best social media marketing tools include:

  • SEMrush
  • Buzzsumo
  • Hootsuite
  • Revive Old Post
  • Sniply
  • Grammarly
  • Facebook Analytics

By using any of these tools for social media marketing, you should be able to create high-quality pieces of content that are highly relevant to your audience.

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