7 Powerful Tips to Building Your Brand’s Voice Consistently

A brands voice is one of the most crucial yet often-overlooked elements when it comes to branding. It not only shows readers what your business is all about but also helps you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Mar 16, 2022

Hamza Khalid

7 Best Tips to Building Your Brand’s Voice Consistently

A brand’s voice is one of the most crucial yet often-overlooked elements when it comes to branding. It not only shows readers what your business is all about but also helps you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

7 Tips to Building Your Brand's Voice Consistently

What is Brand Voice?

A brand’s voice is the unique personality companies adopt when they are communicating to their target audience.

To define a brand’s voice, brands will have to consider the following aspects:

  • Mission: Defining what the brand is trying to achieve is essential as the brand voice should be relevant to the solutions it offers.
  • Values: No matter the core values are chosen, companies will need to ensure that their identities are reflected based on their chosen brand voice.
  • Audience: A brand’s voice should resonate with the audience they want to reach. Developing buyer personas can be beneficial here.

Why is Building a Consistent Brand Voice Important?

Given that the digital landscape is saturated with countless brands vying for the top position, building a consistent brand voice becomes important as it lets companies stand out.

Being consistent promotes closer connections in business relationships including personal aspects. When a brand maintains a consistent voice, they both instill and project confidence in what they do.

Tips to Maintain Consistent Brand Voice

Since having an ideal brand voice is vital in today’s digital environment, here are 7 tips to consider that will help companies achieve consistent language and tone:

#1: Consider Brand Values

One of the first things companies can do is to determine how they want their customers to perceive them. They should also think about the message they want to put out, and how it will resonate with their target audience.

Reviewing your mission statement can be beneficial as this will help highlight the important values of your business. These are the same values that brands need to share with their audiences to better connect with them down the road.

#2: Review Brand Personality

A brand is just like a person; it has its own unique personality that makes it stand out from others. Reviewing brand personality is, therefore, important, as it allows brands to determine how they should approach content production.

#3: Apply the Same Tone and Language on All Channels

With the brand’s values in mind, it’s now time to consider the tone and language to use. A brand can have anything from a professional and business-like tone to a down-to-earth and conversational tone.

It’s important to monitor the tone and language used closely. These two should align with the brand’s core values as well as the personalities. Otherwise, it will sound very jarring to the audience.

#4: Define and Maintain an Appropriate Writing Style

Defining and maintaining an appropriate writing style that reflects one’s core values is another important aspect to maintain brand voice consistency. You should consider the following elements:

  • Word length
  • Point of view
  • Use of slang and colloquialisms

#5: Re-Asses Buyer Personas

Constant research on target audiences is important for brands to understand what resonates with their markets. Assess the demographics such as the gender, age, and location of core audiences to learn what they should expect.

Brands can effectively learn about their target market’s preferences by performing surveys, listening on social channels, and carrying out customer interviews.

#6: Create Brand Style Guide

A written style guide is beneficial for brands as it helps cement the tone and personality they want to project. Even if they have multiple professionals writing their content, complying to a style guide will make it sound like it’s coming from a single entity while also making it easier to onboard new content producers.

#7: Analyze Existing Marketing Materials

Finally, brands should perform a close review of their current marketing materials to check for consistency on all of them. Defining the appropriate tone and language beforehand will help professionals identify inconsistencies and remove them immediately.

They can then make changes to their existing content so that they all reflect the desired business brand voice.

7 Tips to Building Your Brand's Voice Consistently


Brand voice plays a critical role in ensuring companies stand out from their competitors. It helps show their target market that they’re unique.

However, identifying the right brand voice is just the beginning – one must also maintain its consistency throughout their marketing campaigns to ensure effectiveness. That’s why we’ve provided the top 7 tips to consider that will help companies maintain a consistent voice from start to finish.

These tips are:

  • Considering brand values
  • Reviewing brand personality
  • Applying the same tone and language
  • Defining the appropriate writing style
  • Re-assessing buyer personas
  • Creating a brand style guide
  • Analyzing all existing marketing materials

By following the advice provided above, companies today will not only define their brand voice but also maintain its consistency.

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