Tips To Make Your WooCommerce Store Even Better

WooCommerce remains a favorite among many shop owners and shoppers alike. Aside from being easy to use as it’s built on top of WordPress, WooCommerce store is also free.

Jan 31, 2022

Hamza Khalid

Tips To Make Your WooCommerce Store Even Better

There’s no doubt that e-commerce stores have recently experienced a boost in popularity. This is especially true now that more people prefer online shopping. Small business owners also find e-commerce stores easier to set up and promote since they don’t require a lot of capital.

Of the many e-commerce platforms available, WooCommerce remains a favorite among many shop owners and shoppers alike. Aside from being easy to use as it’s built on top of WordPress, WooCommerce is also free, though you need to pay for your own hosting.

Tips To Make Your WooCommerce Store Even Better

If you have a WooCommerce store, it’s important to maximize its features and improve your customers’ shopping experience. That said, here are some vital WooCommerce tips to make your store even better:

Use Flat Architecture

Using flat website architecture might sound too technical, but don’t be intimidated. It simply means condensing your menu structure so visitors can easily find what they want in just a few clicks. You can do this by applying a theme or website layout that allows visitors to easily navigate your store.

Why is this important?

For one, an easy-to-navigate site encourages visitors to browse longer. When they can instantly see that you have what they need, they won’t go to an alternative site. Additionally, bots and crawlers from search engines like Google will have a faster way of viewing your pages, which can result in higher rankings.

Tips To Make Your WooCommerce Store Even Better

Get Organized

Further to having an easy-to-navigate store, it’s crucial to organize your products using categories and subcategories. Customers are more likely to opt-out of a site if they have to scroll through tons of products that aren’t properly categorized.

For instance, a customer searching for dresses can easily find apparel of that type when they click the “Dresses” category. With a subcategory in place, they can find “Summer Dresses,” “Children’s Dresses,” and the like.

Category pages can also aid in your SEO as you’ll be able to incorporate long-tail keywords that can improve your ranking in search engines.

Add a Live Search Function to Your WooCommerce Store

For shoppers looking for a specific product, adding a live search function to your site will definitely make their customer experience more convenient. With a live search function, visitors will be able to discover the most popular products related to their keyword search.

Most WooCommerce themes and plugins already include a live search function so make sure your chosen theme has it. This speeds up the online shopping process, which can encourage your customers to browse for other products and stay longer on your site.

Optimize Pages for Fast Loading WooCommerce Store Speeds

Although you might not be able to completely control your website’s loading times, there’s a simple way to improve its speed: by optimizing your pages.

A common mistake among e-commerce shop owners is uploading huge, high-resolution images or videos. This slows down your website’s loading times, which can put off customers. After all, product images or videos are among the key features of your site that draw in buyers.

This isn’t to say that you should upload low-resolution media files. You just have to make sure that files are sized reasonably to achieve quicker loading times.

Tips To Make Your WooCommerce Store Even Better

Create Unique Product Descriptions on Your WooCommerce Store

One convenient feature WooCommerce has is its ability to automate copy-pasting product descriptions across your site. Although this can be tempting, creating unique descriptions for each item will work more to your advantage. Not only will this set your customers’ expectations straight, but it will help your product pages rank higher. Keep in mind that Google will crawl through your site, and if it detects duplicate content, your store is likely to get penalized with low rankings.

Include Upsells and Cross-Sells

When shoppers visit a store, they usually have one item in mind but go on to remember what else they might need when they see related products. Thus, it’s important to also include cross-sells or complementary products, and upsells or a similar but more expensive version of that product.

The good thing about WooCommerce optimization is that it includes built-in options for cross-selling and upselling. Some WooCommerce plugins can even let customers compare the main features of multiple products.

Tips To Make Your WooCommerce Store Even Better

Update Your Inventory

Updating your inventory isn’t just about adding new products — it’s also updating which ones are out-of-stock. However, you don’t necessarily have to delete that product page as it may reduce your chances of ranking well. Instead, you can use an SEO plugin and redirect that product page to show that the item is out-of-stock. When it becomes available again, you can simply reactivate the page.

Verify Reviews

Most, if not all, shoppers look at reviews to check the quality of a product. Inevitably, not all reviews will be 100% positive, but that’s simply part of managing any store. Whether reviews are positive or negative, what’s important is to verify if they’re real. You can do this by changing your settings to allow only “verified owners” to leave reviews for products they actually purchased from your store.

Woo Your Customers With An Amazing WooCommerce Store

Overall, WooCommerce is an easy platform, even for first-time e-commerce shops. Keep these tips in mind so you can optimize your pages, attract more conversions, and make your WooCommerce store the best it can be.

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