5 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps

That’s why many brand owners have started relying on software that will help give them the virtual business phone numbers they need to separate their personal calls from their business communications.

Feb 15, 2022

Hamza Khalid

Best Virtual Business Phone Number Services

Having to handle phone calls related to the business side of things using your personal contact number can quickly become quite inconvenient. Not only does it become a challenge because of the potential mix-ups that can happen, but it also will start creeping into your private life.

That’s why many brand owners have started relying on software that will help give them the virtual business phone numbers they need to separate their personal calls from their business communications. Such need has become even more important especially with phone calls being among the preferred messaging channels for business communications.

However, there is a wide range of virtual business phone number providers today and it can be hard for companies to choose the right one for them. To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of the top 5 apps your business can start using right away.

Best Virtual Business Phone Number

1. Nextiva

The Nextiva virtual business phone app offers an excellent digital phone service that comes with its own CRM capabilities. The software constantly is the top choice for many brands because of how affordable, reliable, and comprehensive its features are for small businesses.

People can take advantage of functions such as access to free phone numbers, making unlimited calls in the United States and Canada, configuring an auto-attendant, and getting around-the-clock customer support. Everything entrepreneurs need to make their business communications more centralized can be found here.

Another aspect that makes Nextiva stand out is that it uses military-grade data centers to cater to its customers’ needs. This results in uptime of nearly 100%, and users can still reroute calls to their mobile phones in case they lose power at their locations.

Main Features of Nextiva

  • Make an unlimited number of conference calls
  • Leverage recorded greetings for more personalized marketing
  • Obtain information about the caller upon receiving their call
  • Access call management tools like call forwarding, call transfer, and voicemail

Best Virtual Business Phone Number

2. Ooma Office Phone

Ooma Office Phone is a trusted business-class phone service that both small companies and large enterprises can start using today. It provides users voice, messaging, video, and business applications all merged into one platform.

What makes Ooma Office Phone stand out is its ability to provide support for Wi-Fi calls. Their system comes with a Wi-Fi adapter that works well with offices that are heavily reliant on wireless networking.

Main Features of Grasshopper

  • Take advantage of a personalized local and toll-free number
  • Transfer incoming calls from one virtual phone to another
  • No software is needed to get started
  • Access to 24/7 customer support

Best Virtual Business Phone Number

3. Grasshopper

For small business owners and solopreneurs, the Grasshopper virtual business phone number service offers solutions that these people are looking for. The system is relatively easy to set up with no technical knowledge needed to get started.

People can take advantage of its ability to provide unlimited domestic calls, voicemail, and messaging whenever needed. Meanwhile, Grasshopper has an auto-attendant feature that will greet your callers and route them to where they want without human intervention.

What makes Grasshopper great for small companies and solo business individuals is that they can skip the inconvenience of having to install business phone hardware in their offices. Furthermore, the platform lets you port your WordPress business phone number easily while allowing you to receive multiple calls that you can direct to other team members.

Main Features of Grasshopper

  • Provides users with a comprehensive view of all business communications
  • Make and receive business phone calls using their mobile or desktop software
  • Ability to convert voicemail recordings directly into text for easy reading
  • Access to recorded greetings for a personalized approach

Best Virtual Business Phone Number

4. Google Voice

People in search of the perfect virtual business phone app that integrated easily with Google Workspace can find what they need from Google Voice. This platform works well with any computer, mobile phone, and even desk phone.

It is a relatively affordable virtual phone number solution that comes with smart voice calling. This means that users can access a ‘smart’ phone number that will work on both web and regular mobile phones.

The setup process of Google Voice is quite straightforward even for beginners. You simply have to log in to your Google account, follow the instructions provided, and select the virtual business phone number you want.

Main Features of Google Voice

  • Gain access to an auto-attendant feature for personalized greetings
  • Ability to manage calls such as call forwarding and call transferring
  • Leverage extensions and other call routing features
  • Obtain reports and additional information from analytics

Best Virtual Business Phone Number

5. eVoice

Businesses that rely on sending out faxes to their customers may want to look into what the eVoice solution has to offer. In essence, it provides users with a standard online phone number of their business while doing so at an affordable rate.

eVoice allows people to make and answer calls professionally using a single platform. But what makes eVoice stand out from the rest on this list is its faxing features. One example is that users can start creating and sending out faxes online directly using the platform. They can also forward these faxes to email addresses if they need to.

Main Features of eVoice

  • Access to numerous faxing features such as fax forwarding
  • Affordable access to virtual business phone numbers
  • Leverage a single platform to centralize all business communications
  • Record studio-grade greetings for a personal touch


These are the top virtual business phone number apps that companies should consider today. The platforms that are mentioned in this list should give business owners and entrepreneurs a solid starting point when searching for digital phone numbers for their brands.

Nextiva appears to be one of the best choices today followed by Ooma Office Phone, Grasshopper, Google Voice, and eVoice. Before you commit to any of these options, make sure you read all about their features and pricing plans by first visiting each of their websites.

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